Spiritual Sunday 049 – Glen Moray 12

Glen Moray returns to the show with their 12 year old single malt, but is its cheap price a reflection of the quality?

Saturday Snack Blog 025 – Masterfoods Hot Chilli Sauce

Masterfoods, the classic aussie chilli sauce that barely gets mention in the modern hot sauce arms race. Best known to most as the kebab shop chilli sauce, which it works well in, but it

Frozen Booze Radio 025 – Steaming up the Show

This episode gets very steamy, with chat about Steam Beer aka California Common. The beer that originates the style, an Australian beer that gets it completely wrong while still being a good beer and

Wino Wednesday 048 – Harman’s SHZ Shiraz 2014

A random cheap shiraz from the Margaret River, but can it rise above the price point?